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iWorkHealth is a web-based tool to help organisations (and their participating employees) identify workplace stressors.

The tool was developed by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Institute, in partnership with the WSH Council, Institute of Mental Health, Changi General Hospital and Health Promotion Board.

Using the iWorkHealth tool, employees of the participating organisation will receive a personalised report on their mental well-being and work stressors. The organisation will receive an aggregated report on key workplace stressors in the organisation. To receive the company report, there must be at least 8 respondents from your organisation.

iWorkHealth Registration  

For Registration / Login

From 11 April 2021, to register for an iWorkHealth account and login subsequently as the Company Administrator for iWorkHealth, you need:

  1. Corppass account
  2. Singpass ID

The Corppass user, who has been appointed as the Company Administrator for the iWorkHealth account is first required to login using his/her Singpass for authentication purpose. This is followed by authorisation via Corppass to verify the user's access to the e-service (the Corppass account that is tied to the user's Singpass ID). For more information, visit Corppass website.

Please note that the above is not required for the company participants of the iWorkHealth.


For any enquiries relating to iWorkHealth, please submit your queries in the form.