What is iWorkHealth?

The iWorkHealth is developed by the Ministry of Manpower’s Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Institute, in partnership with the WSH Council, Institute of Mental Health, Changi General Hospital and Health Promotion Board. It is an online, self-administered psychosocial health assessment tool for companies and their employees to identify common workplace stressors.

The iWorkHealth was developed based on a review and adaptation of various workplace psychosocial health tools: iWorkHealth (2005), Health Promotion Board’s Mental Wellbeing Scale, The Australia Workplace Barometer, Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire, Copenhagen Burnout Inventory & Patient Health Questionnaire.


How to use iWorkHealth?

The iWorkHealth tool comprises a list of questions, covering stress-related factors at the workplace including job demands, job control, job recognition, organisation culture, and relationship with supervisors and co-workers.

After participating employees have completed the iWorkHealth survey, the company will receive an aggregated anonymised department and company report identifying the key workplace stressors, extent of workplace stress and the overall state of mental well-being of their employees. Participating employees will receive individual reports on their mental well-being scores and workplace stressors*.

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* iWorkHealth is not intended to be, and should not be used for medical diagnostic or treatment purposes.  It is not a substitute for medical advice of one’s state of health. All individual information provided in the survey are kept confidential and will only be published as aggregated statistics.