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Corppass related matters

With effect from 11 April 2021, the login process for Corppass will require the user to verify his or her identity via Singpass first before the user can proceed to access the registration/login of iWorkHealth. For more information, visit

While Singpass is used for logins, Corppass will continue to be the authorisation system for corporate transactions. The Corppass portal enables company administrators to specify the digital services that each employee can transact on the company's behalf. 

The iWorkHealth Company Account can be accessed by different Corppass Users. The Company Administrator will need to engage their entity's Corppass Administrator or Sub-Administrator to create the Corppass accounts and assign e-services access for them. The Corppass Registered Officer (with reference to the Corppass roles indicated in may appoint Corppass Administrator(s) or Corppass User(s) to manage the iWorkHealth account.


Select e-services: Workplace Safety and Health E-Services.

If "Access to All e-Services" is unchecked, there is a need to explicitly assign users access to the digital service, otherwise he/she will not be authorised to access the specific service.


1. Corppass Admins or Sub-Admins may check your Corppass account details at:


2. Corppass Admins and Sub-Admins may refer to the guide to Set Up and Assign Digital Service Access - Create Corppass User Accounts


3. Creating Corppass for foreign registered entities


4. Registration of Singpass Account (Foreign Users)

You would have received an email from Singpass with the subject 'Registration of Singpass account (Foreign User)' which contains your Singpass ID and instructions to set up your Singpass app.

Note: Please activate your Singpass account immediately if you have not activated it yet. (Q5)


5. Activate Singpass Foreign user account

Take the following steps after receiving your Singpass ID sent to your registered email address:

  1. Download and install the Singpass app here or from your app store
  2. Request a one-time password on the Singpass website reset password flow, by typing in your foreign ID, country of issuance and Singpass registered email address.
  3. Check your Singpass registered email for the one-time password.
  4. Launch your Singpass app and log in using your Singpass ID and one-time password.
    1. Create a new password for your Singpass Foreign user Account
    2. Follow the instructions on the Singpass app
  5. Singpass app and Singpass Foreign user Account activation are now completed. (Q9)


6. Retrieve Singpass ID for Foreign Users

Visit SingPass Portal:


7. Reset Singpass Foreign User Account Password

Visit SingPass Portal:


8. Update/retrieve Foreign ID registered with Corppass

Your Foreign ID is the identity number (e.g. passport number) that was used to register or create a Corppass account.

  1. Visit the Corppass portal
  2. Log in to your account
  3. View your Foreign ID and Country of Issuance under 'My Account' > 'View My Profile'.

For the user guide, click here. (Q10 and Q11)